Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Life Update ft. Bunny Backpack...

It's been the longest time since I've actually compiled a blog post so apologies if I am slightly rusty hehe. Not much has changed except from the fact I am now 21 and older than ever before. The last time I posted I was ready to go on my year abroad to teach in Germany. Lol well I had to go home for health reasons but on the plus side I'm now on a year out and have lots of time to document my monotonous lifestyle and outfit choices <3 Since it's been so long I've made some collages of the last 3/4 months. The main pics are of me in Durham in my bunny backpack/ pink coat, both of which my boyfriend bought me from ebay for my birthday. V 'kawaii' as one would say, much love xxxxxxxx
(Also I mainly update on instagram now http://www.instagram.com/immids but will also be using my blog/ maybs lookbook this year)

Monday, 27 June 2016

Summer Ball

Here are some photos from the summer ball which took place at Beamish Hall, it was a v pretty hotel (appreci8 the flower backdrop). The dress I wore is from H&M surprisingly and despite it annoyingly creasing every 5 seconds I love the colour/ fabric/ it's fabulous. Anyway, I've just finished my second year at Durham with a 2:1 (yay). It's so crazy how time flies... in a few months I'll be starting my year abroad by spending 6 months teaching in Germany. Xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Here are some photos from my recent trip to Milan in the Easter holidays, it is an amazing city. The outfit is one of my faves, basically wore these sunglasses from H&M constantly lols.  I blog rarely nowadays due to university etc, but now that it's mostly for fun it's kind of more enjoyable hehe. I have a year abroad next year so will have the opportunity to get into lookbooking again etc. I feel so behind! I love taking photos and hope you like them, much love. Also have a very fluffy post that is yet to be uploaded hehe. Good luck everyone with exams, I am currently avoiding a Haneke essay Xxx

Sunday, 10 January 2016


I finally had time to take some proper outfit photos so here they are :) I am currently obsessed with my white furry scrunchy from Topshop and subsequently bought it in black this week too. In fact, anything white and fluffy I am naturally drawn to... hence the pom-pom on the bag. The shirt is second hand Calvin Klein and arguably fairly festive but I wear it all year round regardless hehe, hope you like. Also my hair is still so much shorter! I'm v excited for it to grow and get back to it's former mane-like state. Xxx

Friday, 8 January 2016

Faux Fur

Haven't posted in so long again but happy new year :) I feel like I haven't blogged in years, which is partially true as it's something so hard to make time for nowadays, especially with university. There is hope though, as next year will be my year abroad so I'll have more time to spare. I've had this fur coat for years but it was originally so massive on me, thankfully I've grown into it so it doesn't look completely ridiculous. Also a random photo of a sunset. Xx

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

WeiƟ ♥

Here is an all white outfit I shot a few days ago for the Lookbook 'Whiteout' contest. Aside from the obvious colour coordination with my bichon frise Joey, all white is an excellent way to end the summer :) I've recently got back from holiday which was lovely (check my instagram @immids for a disgusting number of posts) and then I went to Brighton for a few days with my boyfriend for his birthday. Also I'm moving back to Durham at the weekend and I'm v excited hehe hope you enjoyed your summer xx

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Choies.com
Shoes: Topshop

Sunday, 6 September 2015


These photos were taken when I actually had a decent amount of hair hehe - I am currently in post-haircut mourning and feeling very bald indeed. Anyway, I rarely wear pastel shades these days/ anything other than black so it makes for a nice change. Also definitely looking slightly grandma-esque but no regrets there. Au revoir Xx

Shirt: Vintage
Skirt: Topshop